Beef and veg ready meal - dinner 1kg (10-15 meals)

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Beef veg on rice or couscous

Gluten & chemical free  -   The beef does have some common sodium nitrate (preservative). We intend to source beef without sodium nitrate in the future. The meal is free from any other chemical eg food colour, flavourings, MSG etc.

Ingredients  -

Beef, Mash Potato, Sweet Corn, Green Beans, Pine seeds, Sliced almonds, Red & White Onion, Kale, Turmeric, basil, salt, pepper.(basmati rice separate or couscous)

Directions – for 1 serving mix 1 cup of ready meal mix & the rice or couscous – add 1 cup of boiling water into the Thermos food bowl, stir, close lid,  Wait 10mins…… eat n go J