About us

Food to Get thru is just that !  only the best Nutrient Locked produce on earth – gently dried to last for decades.

We have recognised the need to put together a wholesale online warehouse for produce and blends dried using the Driedfresh™ designed OVDMA drying chambers.  We are the founders and technology designers, trialists and consumers from using the technology. Now we are also the purveyors of the produce from facilities using the technology.

We will;

  • Work with facilities using the driedfresh OVDMA dryers to present/offer their dried produce
  • Work with people and businesses to dry produce
  • Source and dry produce in season and offer for sale at this store
  • Attain assurances and certification of the dried produce that includes;
  • Residual pesticide test
  • Heavy metals test
  • Water activity test
  • Moisture test
  • Microbe test
  • Nutrient test against expected raw fresh analytical data from Wikipedia info
  • Build a transparent user/publicly available audit trail of the journey ie Paddock to Pantry
  • Position pricing for the exceptional quality and health protection properties that cannot be matched.


Brief summary of the driedfresh™ OVDMA process and the product range


Who are they?

  • driedfresh ltd is a New Zealand technology company that has developed and is now commercialising a unique drying technology  - driedfresh™  Osmotic Vacuum Drying in a Modified Atmosphere (OVDMA) The technology has applications in segments such as bulk dried food pieces and powders, fruit and vegetable snacking, ready meals, cannabis, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical, scientific research and document recovery
  • They sell/lease driedfresh™ dryers that are manufactured by Scott automationto growers and process operators globally and have associated companies using our dryers to process and dry produce for driedfresh and customers globally. One such company is DryNZ ltd and another is Chantal Organics Ltd


What is the driedfresh™ process?

  • driedfresh™ OVDMA is a unique oxygen free, low temperature (<40c), vacuum drying process. It is the culmination of more than 25 years of research and design and over $20m by the driedfresh shareholders with valued support from leading scientists at Plant & Food NZ  (NZ Government research institute) and Scott Technology Ltd into low temperature drying methods.
  • The initial goal was to retain the health benefits of fresh food while creating a robust, shelf stable product that is also extremely palatable. The requirement for long term cool storage is eliminated and fresh produce of all grades can be dried to a quality end result, saving a vast amount of waste. It opens a realm of possibilities for products that combine the best aspects of aseptic methods such as canning (long shelf life dry storage, ambient temp distribution) with the low weight of competing freeze dried products and the healthfulness of fresh food (there is no oxidisation, loss of flavours, colours or sensitive volatiles).


What does driedfresh ™ compete against?

  • Nothing directly, it is unlike anything other process available, but it is analogous to freeze drying and superior to both that and thermal drying


 Why is it superior to freeze drying?

  • Significantly lower cost process due to lower operating costs (electricity, labour and maintenance), higher yields (superior retention of bulk matter, nutrients and volatiles in the drying process) and lower capital costs (less complex equipment)
  • Superior end product performance (flavour, texture, colour/appearance, rehydration, robustness and retention of essential vitamins)
  • The ability to dry high brix, crunchy snacking products (very difficult for Freeze Drying to do)
  • A dryer that is able to be transported easily if required (portable)


Why is it superior to thermal drying?

  • Thermal drying while not highly capital intensive, is very energy intensive
  • Thermal drying (using high heat), cooks out the moisture AND the goodness
  • With high Brix products it can only create leather style chewy fruit products, whereas driedfresh ™ can produce crunchy, puffed products
  • It destroys not only the vitamins but also the colour and much of the flavour


If you are interested in learning more about the commercial opportunities available from the driedfresh ™ process please contact -  Richard Guy on +64 9 974 9101 or rguy@foodtogetthru.com