Red Onion Specification


FINISHED PRODUCT STANDARD – Red Onion NZ  powdered      


This specification represents our normal standard.  However, as part of an ongoing product development programme and in conjunction with customer requests we are happy to incorporate variations to satisfy specific requirements against firm, forward order.



  • Scientific name
  • Appearance

Allium cepa L

Soft light red

  • Colour


  • Flavour

Fresh Red Onion – Raw (dried at <35c)

  • Texture

Milled to between – 1mm -6mm as per request

  • Acidity

Typically a pH of 9

  • Moisture

Typically < 5% moisture content

  • Sugar Content

No sugar added.

  • Water activity

0.2 – 0.3au

  • Bulk Density


  • Particle Density


  • Product Dimensions


  • Grower
  • GMO

NZ growers - Pukekohe

No Genetically Modified Ingredients are used in the manufacture of this product.

  • Allergens

Contains Whole Red Onion

  • Preservative

Nil. The product is microbiologically stable and can be stored for 25+ years at moisture free ambient temperature.

  • Pesticide Residue

Complies with NZ Standards

  • Foreign Matter


  • Microbiological

Complies with generally acceptable microbiological NZ standards. Lab reports available on request.






This product is packed in 1kg foil bags or 20 litre pails or 25kg barrier bags


Minimum Nett Weight or 11kg 20litre pail – 25kg in bag

Minimum Gross Weight

~1.05kg or 11.5kg









This product shall be labelled with the Name of Product, Name of Supplier, Net weight and meets FSANZ Food Code labelling requirements.




For retention of quality store at ambient conditions, in a cool and dry place, in the sealed pack.


In keeping with normal stock holding practice, rotate stock on first in / first out basis.


Driedfresh Limited accepts no liability if these storage conditions are not applied and/or product is beyond its “Best Before” date if stated.



Test results show – high levels of Quercetin and some level of Anthocyanin in the Red  ( 1314mg/100gram and 53.4mg/100 gram )


Stock available all year round


Samples are available upon buyer’s request before purchase.




NZD POA per kg ex factory