Organics Certifications

Assure Quality (NZ Govt)

An organic certification mark on a product gives consumers confidence that the product they are buying has been produced according to organic principles. 

Products certified organic by AsureQuality are given a unique organic customer number that enables traceability. 

You can use the AsureQuality organic logo with your number on approved marketing materials.

BioGro (International)
New Zealand’s leading organic certifier since 1983, with the nations largest database of organic farmers, organic producers and organic manufacturers from here and across the Pacific. BioGro has been at the forefront of the organics movement, as we aim to simplify organic certification through innovation allowing producers to display NZ’s most trusted organic logo, giving consumers trust in the mark of a genuine organic product. We provide a service to over 830 certified organic producers, with a team of organic experts that are committed to assisting your business on gaining organic certification through our stringent organic standards.
BioGro cert